About AK

ArtKabinett is the world’s foremost online social network geared exclusively to fine art collectors!

Our platform enables any art collector to upload their works of art in a dedicated “MyKabinett” gallery file. Now, your personal collection is easily categorized for quick reference, sharing, searching, and data basing. 

The unique “CollectorConnector” accesses the entire community to introduce you to other collectors with similar interests, and wonderful artworks. "AK Files" offer in-depth views of compelling art topics. "Kabinett Calendar" changes daily to offer up-to-date exhibition events. Our search feature can find any artist's work on the site.

AK Colleagues -- "user members with business to share", provides collectors with an open advertising-link to display their goods; services; and professions -- all free of charge! Throughout our site, we encourage online interaction, discussion, blogging, and networking.

Where-ever you travel, utilyse the smart mobile “AK- App”, which activates many features at the touch of a cellular phone. We interface daily with Facebook and Twitter – keeping you posted on the latest happenings in the exciting and ever changing world of fine art (Be sure to visit our fan page there!).

The number one goal of ArtKabinett is to enable instant communication among art collectors and to develop common interest relationships and contacts. Going to a gallery opening, museum exhibition, or fair? Find a friend or colleague through ArtKabinett.

Member identities – as displayed through your username -- are private and confidential. We do not share personal demographic information with anyone. If you are already a member, you have read and agreed to our “Terms of Service” agreement, so you know we are serious about this.

Our business model is quite simple: We strive to connect fine art collectors and enthusiasts. Membership in our global network is absolutely free. There are no registration fees or costs. We have no distracting pop-ups or advertisments. Collectors -- large and small -- are equal.

All we ask is that your participation be based on honesty and a passion for fine art. If any private transaction occurs between two individuals through our network, ArtKabinett can provide no guarantee or warranty as we are not a store, clearinghouse, or commercial party to any transaction.

Through our volunteer advisory board of committed worldwide collectors, we look forward to ensuring the integrity and "workability" of our online network. We are constantly seeking member input, and incorporating your recommendations as our on-line community evolves.

To learn more about ArtKabinett or expand your involvement in our project, please contact us