Faena Forum Launches District

MIAMI BEACH -- Faena Art, the international non-profit organization led by Ximena Caminos, announced its inaugural programming for Faena Forum, the Rem Koolhaas/OMA-designed cultural centerpiece of the Faena District Miami Beach, opening in fall 2016.

Art collectors of Art Kabinett social media network are thrilled to soon visit this new arts venue located on lower Collins Avenue at 32nd street.

Dedicated to fostering dynamic cross-disciplinary collaborations that transcend cultural, geographic and philosophical borders, Faena Art’s inaugural program will launch with a District-wide, thousands-strong processional performance that will bring together artists, performers, architects and community leaders from around the world.

The celebration will continue with a broad range of cultural initiatives presented throughout the year—from new commissions and site-specific installations to groundbreaking debates to artist-led social ”collaboratories.”

“Faena Art bridges the local and global, and we envision our Miami home, the Forum, as a gathering place for artists worldwide,” said Ms. Caminos. “I look forward to embarking on our first full year of programming by extraordinary visionaries. We hope that the bold ideas presented at the Forum will engage and challenge the public, encouraging dialogue and cross-cultural investigation.”

Directed by curator and art historian Claire Tancons in collaboration with architect Gia Wolff and musician and composer Arto Lindsay, Faena Forum’s inaugural processional will feature performances by Miami-based artists and collectives in addition to three commissions by international artists.

The Cuban art collective Los Carpinteros will present “Conga Irreversible,” Spanish artist Miralda will create “Miami Global Banquet,” and Italian born artist Marinella Senatore will present “The School of Narrative Dance.”

“Conga Irreversible” which was first presented by Los Carpinteros in the Havana Biennale in 2012, will be reimagined in the context of Miami for the processional. The complex choreography is danced to conga music played in reverse, which upends expectations of traditional music and movement from Cuba. The work will be performed by Miami-based dance groups and musicians alongside many of the original performers.

Miralda’s work often engages with food as a means of community building, and for the procession he is staging both a vehicular and food component. Via barge, limousine, shopping cart, car and more, traditional foods from the original communities of South Florida will be transported through the city and the streets of the Faena District, symbolically coming from the hotels along Collins Avenue to be shared with the public as a communal banquet.

In “The School of Narrative Dance,” Senatore will invite the public to participate in her nomadic system of education, to foster the creative power of a crowd and start a dialogue among history, culture and social structures.

Her multidisciplinary school is based on emancipation, inclusion, self-cultivation and compassion and is focused on storytelling. Her work unites many groups and individuals in order to celebrate the wide variety of skills and talents every individual can offer or develop. In the work, the role of the artist as author and the public as passive recipient is constantly questioned. Her method encourages thinking about the possibilities of art as a powerful agent of exchange, inclusion and cultural growth.

Several projects by Miami-based artists and communities will be commissioned and produced, uniting Miami's unique Caribbean and Latin-American cultural heritage and artistic innovation.

The cross-disciplinary event will signal the opening of Faena Forum as a space for a multiplicity of bodies and voices, as well as a partner and resource for other local institutions, including the New World Symphony, local high school marching bands, dance groups and community organizations. As part of the curatorial process, an open call invited local artists to submit proposals to participate in the processional. A full list of participants will be announced at a later date.

Today's homepage Featured Art Video gives a virtual tour of Miami Beach's new Faena district. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQT_LdYe4_g&sns=em