Mr. Brainwash Offers 'Art Wars' Helmet

Fifty years after artist Andy Warhol created one of the art world’s most iconic images, his red and white painting of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, LA Based 'Street Artist' Mr.Brainwash has transformed a stormtrooper head into a 'Campbell's spray can'.

This is the latest addition to the 'Art Wars' exhibition opening at the Saatchi Gallery this October. Art collectors of Art Kabinett social media network are already placing orders for these unique art helmets.

Art Below founder Ben Moore has created Art Wars, in an alliance with Andrew Ainsworth, the creator of the Stormtrooper.

The exhibition features a regiment of Stormtrooper helmets that have been left at the mercy of some of the best the art world has to offer, including Damien Hirst, David Bailey, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Mr Brainwash, Paul Fryer and Joana Vasconcelos.

Art Wars will be unveiled at the inaugural Strarta Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery this October (9-13th).

Art Below will be showcasing Art Wars for 4 weeks across billboard space on an entire platform of Regent’s Park Underground station to coincide with Frieze (17-20th October).

A free mobile App will be available this October created specially for ‘Art Wars’ by artist Erin Ko and will enable tube users at Regent’s Park station to view and explore the Stormtrooper billboards in 3D with their phones.

2013 marks the 10th year that Ben’s brother Tom has been missing. Proceeds from the Art Wars exhibition and auction go to the ‘Missing Tom’ fund, which was started up specifically to raise money to support the search for Thomas Moore.

Tom left his family home in 2003. He was aged 31 years old. His friends and family have not heard from him since then. His brother Ben spent the next three years looking for him and at one point was two weeks behind him. With the demands and pressures of London life, and becoming a dad of two, Ben was forced to put the search for his brother on hold.

Now ten years on and with the support of the Missing People Charity, his family is reopening the search for Tom and has started up a website

In June 2008, Mr. Brainwash made his art show debut with one of Los Angeles's most memorable solo exhibitions; Life is Beautiful, held at the historic CBS Studios on Sunset Boulevard.

In addition to his widely recognized images, Life is Beautiful featured larger than life installations which included a 20-foot robot made of old televisions, a life-size recreation of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks and a pyramid made from 20,000 books.

Originally scheduled to open for only two weeks, the exhibit was extended for three months, attracting more than 30,000 visitors. Mr. Brainwash's work continued to garner recognition from art collectors and street-art enthusiasts alike.

By 2009, Madonna approached him to design the cover of her greatest hits compilation entitled, Celebration. In addition to the CD album, Mr. Brainwash created 15 different covers for the accompanying vinyls, singles and DVD releases. Many of his ideas come from art books.