Pompidou Explores 'Unquiet Images'

PARIS -- “Unquiet Images” at the Centre Pompidou in Paris is an exhibition of photographs by French artist Valérie Belin who is best known for harnessing technological innovations in photography to explore the real-virtual dichotomy.

Art collectors of ArtKabinett social media network appreciate the distorted realism of Belin's photographic works.

The artist also examines the paradoxical nature of the archetype or “model,” in the process creating images that embody an “uncanny strangeness.”

“Unquiet Images” features around 30 photographs organized around the artist’s most recent series, titled “Super Models,” which are being shown in conjunction with previous works by the artist that have been drawn from public and private collections.

Belin’s new “Super Models” series marks her return to the theme of the mannequin which she first explored in a series of photographs in 2003.

The series comprises six photographs of fiberglass shop mannequins chosen by the artist from the catalogue of producer Adel Rootstein, and given names that are both mythological goddesses and television characters.

In an interview with Clément Chéroux, curator at the musée national d’art moderne and organizer of the exhibition, Belin says that the mannequin is a perfect, ideal creature, but it is also ambiguous.

“In my photographs, wax mannequins seem as alive as the models: it’s this paradoxical nature of representation that I try and capture,” Belin explains.

“I’m fascinated by the idea of the animate and the inanimate. I’ve returned to the theme in my most recent series, but using other kinds of representational artifice, using a motif or background so as to achieve a greater effect of ‘humanity.’”

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“Unquiet Images” is at the Centre Pompidou until September 14, 2015

(Photo Above: Valérie Belin "Isthar" (Super Models), 2015, courtesy Galerie Nathalie Obadia.)