Posh House for Hirst

London -- Damien Hirst, the Turner Prize winning British artist, has purchased one of London’s blingiest homes for a reported £34 million ($57 million).

Art collectors of ArtKabinett social media network would be glad to hang paintings on these walls.

The mansion -- a five story, 14 bedroom, white stuccoed building -- was designed by John Nash, in the Regency style of architecture.

It was Commissioned in 1811 by the Prince Regent and located in the park of the same name. The Grade I listed building is set in a half-acre garden plot.

The former YBA has added this jewel to his property portfolio to complement his North Devon, 24 acre holdings where he plans to build a new town with 750 homes.

The artist also owns the 19th century Toddington Manor which sports 300 rooms.

Hirst, who has a reported £215 million in personal wealth is the most successful living artist of his generation. No doubt he will scrap the historic interior of this gem.

Civic Projects

Hirst recently received the green light from Ilfracombe, a North Devon local council to build new homes, a school, playgrounds, shops, offices and a health centre.

The project, which is backed by the artist and known as the Southern Extension, was put forward at a special meeting of the district council’s planning committee on 30 July.

The decision by committee members followed fierce debate among councillors and members of the public over the effect the development would have on Ilfracombe.

Hirst also plans to open a private museum in Lambeth South London sometime in 2015.

Hirst has called the gallery "my Saatchi Gallery" adding "It's a place to show my collection of contemporary art. It feels bad having it all in crates."

The plans include space for six exhibitions, a shop (of course), a restaurant, and office space for Hirst and his vast company interests.