Solo Painting Show for James Franco

GSTAAD -- James Franco’s latest exhibition of painting titled, "Koo Koo,” has been announced for February 5 at Siegfried Contemporary in this luxury Swiss resort.

The show will feature a new set of paintings, this time instead of fat animals, the actor/filmmaker turned artist is exploring birds.

Art collectors of Art Kabinett social media network will enjoy this installation in between hitting the ski slopes.

This new exhibition follows hot on the trail of Shia Lebeouf’s recent performance piece in Liverpool, begging the question: Can actors become visual artists?

This new generation seems to think so but whether they are taken seriously by the art world remains to be seen.

James Franco has already had a string of successful shows of painting, photography and video, including a critically acclaimed event at the Gagosian gallery.

In 2014 Siegfried Contemporary mounted a previous Franco exhibition titled Fat Squirrel in London. The show encompassed a group of self portraits as well as animal representations all with text. The animals were all obese " “Fat Squirrel,” was such a success that the gallery are now going for an encore.

The 37-year-old actor recently launched RandoFranco, a new app which includes never-before-seen videos created by him. The trick is they disappear 24 hours after being uploaded and James says the app is a way to share his creativity with fans.

He told People Magazine, "Over the years I have worked on so many projects, big ones, small ones, videos, films with my students, art, film, fashion, I want people to be able to have a glimpse of these so they're not just sitting in storage.” The official description of the app calls James' latest project "weird".

James Franco (b. 1978, Palo Alto, CA) is considered a leading actor of his generation as well as being a multitalented writer and visual artist. Drawing from his experience in film and television work, Franco has produced a body of video works, multimedia installations, and large-scale sculptures. His conceptual artworks range across media including painting, drawing, film, sculpture, installation and photography.

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