S.S. France Readies for 2015

Cruise liners, who in the past flew the French flag, were the very best in their class, and the symbols of French tradition and luxury.

Art collectors of Art Kabinett social network probably cannot recall these grand "paquebots".

The various French ships - the Paris, the Ile de France, and the Normandie, and the four successive SS France liners -- all stood out by the elegance of their design and the level of luxury of their interior decor.

Although it is in France that many of the most luxurious cruise ships have been built for international cruise line corporations, France no longer has a flagship vessel it can call its own.

Today, the existence of a new French flagging system (RIF), better adapted to world competition, makes it possible to recreate a truly French cruise line, with a cruise ship flying the colors of the French flag.

Exceptional Deign

But if a new FRANCE cruise ship is to be born, she needs to be exceptional.

In a complete break with the contemporary architecture of other cruise ships, the new FRANCE will create its own style, as depicted in the photo:

A modern design combining elegance of architecture and openness of space: 255m long, about 700 passengers: far from the race to gigantic ships in the industry, the new FRANCE is a large vessel but with a limited capacity to ensure comfort and well-being.

A sleek hull with two chimney-shaped super-structures as a wink to the old SS France; each with spacious living areas, restaurants, lounges and spaces dedicated to well-being and renewal of both mind and body.

Between these two monumental chimneys, a palm grove and garden will spread over 1,500 square meters, as if the FRANCE itself was a tropical island.

Equipped with the latest technology available, the FRANCE -- if all goes accordingl to schedule -- hopes to launch in 2015. It will also be a “green” ship, with less energy consumed due to the shape of the hull minimizing resistance, combined with measured cruising speed.

Restaurants will include the famed Alain Ducasse. On-board shopping will offer the best of rue St. Honoré.

The stern of the ship was designed to bring passengers back within close proximity to the water: the tiered decks end in a large beach, where guests will enjoy the use of marina toys when anchored.

What the France will not be: A floating amusement park.

What it will be: A ship that recreates the idea of cruising, featuring the best that France has to offer in terms of artistic talent, luxury, refinement and good taste.

Besides offering its passengers escape and a true experience of the good life, the FRANCE’s will also be the worthy representative of French art de vivre throughout the world.

The SS France, which became the Norway, was a legendary ship in the French imagination, and one that elicited both deep affection and considerable rancor.

Today, it is gone. However, the SS France’s legend remains intact and it will always be remembered as an inimitable and monumental ship.

The “nose” of the SS France (the bow) has come back to Paris from the beaches of India where the ship was dismantled.

This emblematic piece of the ship was saved from destruction and installed at the Port de Grenelle. Here you can visit an exhibition center and atelier of the new ship as it is reborn.

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