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Posted: Sunday, 29-08-2010

Architect Zaha Hadid has been appointed to design a new headquarters for the Central Bank in Baghdad, two months after an assault on the existing building left at least 15 people dead.

Posted: Saturday, 28-08-2010

Original Greek statues were brightly painted, but after thousands of years, those paints have worn away.

Find out how shining a light on the statues can be all that's required to see them as they were thousands of years ago.

Posted: Friday, 27-08-2010

The Indian site,, was invited to Christie’s preview of its Southeast Asian Modern and Contemporary art sale that will take place in mid-September in New York.

ARTKABINETT social network of fine art collectors boasts many members who are enthusiasts of contemporary works from India.

Posted: Thursday, 26-08-2010

About a decade ago, Diane Brown, an art dealer and curator, was having some health problems and had to have a CT scan. She was scared to death, and the sterile atmosphere of the hospital didn't help.

Staring at the blank white ceiling, she conjured up a vision of a favorite Matthew Ritchie painting, envisioning the art to calm her nerves.

Posted: Wednesday, 25-08-2010

The Internet revolution has at long last reached international art fairs as a new event tests buyers’ willingness to shop online for contemporary works.

ARTKABINETT social network of fine art collectors certainly enjoys visiting fine art fairs and will be most interested in viewing this online experience.

Posted: Tuesday, 24-08-2010

Prosecutors have arrested a top official in Egypt's culture ministry and some museum security guards pending an investigation into the theft of a van Gogh painting over the weekend, Reuters reported.

Savvy collectors of the ARTKABINETT social network may recall that this painting has gone missing before from the same museum! 

Posted: Monday, 23-08-2010

Throughout much of this year,there has been a disturbing controversy about the recent discovery of a group of 74 plasters allegedly made from wax and clay sculptures crafted by Edgar Degas.

The plasters, in turn, are being used to cast a set of bronzes that are being marketed and sold for around $20 million.

Posted: Sunday, 22-08-2010

When you have really made it on Wall Street, you fill up your Fifth Avenue co-op with expensive art, just as surely as snow is followed by little boys on sleds (to paraphrase Arthur Okun, the legendary Yale economist). 

Posted: Saturday, 21-08-2010

The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones tries to tackle the knotty question of who has more influence on the canonization of art: collectors or institutions. 

The London Times’s Waldemar Jauszczak thinks so. He points to Charles Saatchi.

With looming budget cuts to museums in the UK, can Contemporary British art continue to thrive solely on private support?

Posted: Friday, 20-08-2010

A painting by Picasso, "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust," became the most expensive painting ever sold at an auction when it exceeded expectations to fetch $106.5 million at Christie's.

In February, a sculpture by Giacometti, "Walking Man I," sold for $104.3 million at Sothebyís, setting the previous world record auction price.

Posted: Thursday, 19-08-2010

Met's Picasso Exhibition Is One for the Record Books!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art said on Tuesday that its recent exhibition of works by that 20th century titan of creativity was its seventh highest-attended show in the museum's history.

Many members of the ARTKABINETT social network for fine art collectors viewed this wonderful exhibition

Posted: Wednesday, 18-08-2010

COPENHAGEN.- The National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst) has just begun preparing for next autumnís major special exhibition by Bob Dylan.

The ARTKABINETT social network of fine art collectors has always enjoyed his music. Now we can appreciate his fine artwork.

Posted: Tuesday, 17-08-2010

The Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, the world's largest Islamic fine arts exhibition, opened Saturday for previews after an eight-year restoration costing about $10 million US.

The museum, with 2,500 artifacts on view, was officially reopened at a ceremony presided over by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. This opening corresponds with the Moslem holy month of Ramadan.

Posted: Monday, 16-08-2010

The Chelsea Museum -- a small New York museum --  faces the loss of its charter when it was discovered that the permanent collection had been pledged as collateral against a loan for the museum’s mortgage. 

The ARTKABINETT social network for fine art collectors knows that it is generally a bad move to have to sell your art to settle your bills. 

Posted: Saturday, 14-08-2010

Malaysia had its first art auction last weekend pushing the nation toward the stature of its neighbor, Indonesia.

ARTKABINETT social network of fine art collectors may soon call upon Kuala Lumpur as their new vacation destination. No such fun for our Israeli members or dual nationals who are typically denied entry. 

Posted: Friday, 13-08-2010

NEW YORK, NY.- "Ida Lupino: Mother Directs", a comprehensive selection of films by actress and filmmaker Ida Lupino (American, b. Great Britain, 1918 -1995) runs August 26 through September 20, 2010, at The Museum of Modern Art, presenting select films from 1949 to 1966, including her directorial debut Never Fear (1950).

Posted: Thursday, 12-08-2010

BOSTON, MA.- Richard Avedon (1923-2004)  was the man who brought fashion photography to life. Instead of perpetuating static images of human mannequins posing stiffly in magazines,

Avedon depicted his models as real women whose energy and exuberance complemented their modern lifestyles.

Posted: Wednesday, 11-08-2010

MIAMI (AP).- The model is in black, prone and dirty on jagged rocks, netting draped around her legs like a dead sea creature. There she is again, lying on her back in a feathered dress, and in close up, her hair and face sleek with oil.

ARTKABINETT art collector social network will appreciate these photographs which document the worst natural disaster in American history.

Posted: Tuesday, 10-08-2010

LONDON.- The Historic Houses Association (HHA) and Sotheby's announced that the winning entry of their Restoration Award for 2010 - an award now in its third year - is Wilton House near Salisbury in Wiltshire, England.

ARTKABINETT collector members would enjoy hanging our more historic fine art works on the walls of this historic home! 

Posted: Monday, 09-08-2010

Victoria & Albert: Art & Love examines Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's love for each other, their shared love of music and their mutual respect for, and different tastes in art.

ARTKABINETT collectors will enjoy viewing the passion displayed in this independent collection owned by the royal household.

Posted: Sunday, 08-08-2010

ARTKABINETT members from all parts of the globe are always concerned about protecting their independent collections -- particularly during summer heat and humidity.

Chubb gives these tips to protect your art from deterioration: 

Posted: Saturday, 07-08-2010

Temperatures getting a little uncomfortable? Your artwork and antiques are probably feeling the humidity as much as you are.

Paintings and works of art on paper expand and contract in response to changes in temperature and humidity, say experts with Chubb Group of Insurance Cos.

Posted: Thursday, 05-08-2010

Oxnard, CA - If you have a desire to see the world’s most expensive car in all its primal glory, the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, Calif., has put it on display. Collector members of the ARTKABINETT social network will certainly wish to view this "grande dame" of automotive history.

Posted: Wednesday, 04-08-2010

LONDON -- It is now just over a decade since the historic Belfast/Good Friday Agreement was signed, bringing an end to some thirty years of bitter conflict in Northern Ireland. The 1998 Agreement has brought significant changes not just for people's everyday lives but for their awareness of the past and their hopes for the future. 

Posted: Tuesday, 03-08-2010

WASHINGTON -- It's hard to travel incognito when you're the president — even on a mission to a spy museum.

Luckily, the ARTKABINETT network of art collectors can travel to any exhibit without difficulty. Not so for a chief executive!

Posted: Monday, 02-08-2010

Mathieu Cherkit is a young French painter who just graduated from school. He was one of the few young artists selected to participate in the salon of Montrouge where the best young French artists are shown. 

ARTKABINETT collectors in Paris are keeping a keen eye in this rising star in the contemporary painting scene.

Posted: Sunday, 01-08-2010

NEW YORK, NY.- After a long awaited settlement regarding the "Portrait of Wally", a 1912 oil painting by artist Egon Schiele, the painting will be on view to the public at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust from July 29, 2010 through August 18, 2010 before it is placed on display at the Rudolph Leopold Museum in Vienna. 

Posted: Friday, 30-07-2010

YOUNGSTOWN, OH.- The Butler Institute of American Art, located at 524 Wick Avenue in Youngstown, will present Ronnie Wood: Paintings, Drawings and Prints beginning September 21st, 2010.

Collector members of the ARTKABINETT social network appreciate his visual and musical artworks.

Posted: Thursday, 29-07-2010

ATLANTA, GA.- In celebration of the High Museum's new exhibition, “Dalí: The Late Work,” Delta Airlines has decked out a 757 plane with a Salvador Dalí-esque mustache. The plane, which went into service yesterday, will fly domestically.

Posted: Wednesday, 28-07-2010

The two most important developments in photography in the first half of the 20th century were the emergence of lasting artistic traditions and the rise of mass-circulation picture magazines. Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) was a leading figure in both domains.