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Posted: Tuesday, 22-06-2010

Nationalmuseum offers independent collectors the opportunity to view the development of the Swedish household from Renaissance to modern times. A wonderful snapshot of how commerce, industry, and technology all joined to influence the personal space of a nation.

Posted: Monday, 21-06-2010

Auctioneers are targeting the former Soviet Union's growing middle classes, as well as ultra-wealthy oligarchs, at a twice-yearly series of Russian art sales in London recently.

Many ARTKABINETT fine art collectors are keenly interested in more affordable Russian artworks. 

Posted: Sunday, 20-06-2010

My Basel report /Rapport sur Bâle

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Posted: Saturday, 19-06-2010

Minutes after a limestone head by Modigliani sold for $52.6 million at a Christie's auction in Paris on Monday, word spread to the collectors arriving here for the annual Art Basel fair.

ARTKABINETT collector members were certainly in attendance getting a chance to interact as is this social network's raison d'etre. 

Posted: Friday, 18-06-2010

On the occasion of his fiftieth birthday, the Fondation Beyeler is devoting the first large exhibition ever held in Europe to the outstanding American draftsman and painter, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Posted: Thursday, 17-06-2010

Posted: Wednesday, 16-06-2010

Art 41 Basel begins today in Switzerland.  The international art show, featuring approximately 300 galleries and 2,500 artists, coming from 30 countries and every continent, will take place from June 16 to June 20.  Media include painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video, and editioned works.

Posted: Tuesday, 15-06-2010

"Vernissage" (varnishing, from French) is a term used for the formal opening of an art exhibition. Guests may be served canapés and wine as they discuss with artists and others the works in the exhibition. If the vernissage is not open to the public, but only for invited guests, it it often called private view. 

Posted: Monday, 14-06-2010

Francie Rehwald wanted her mountainside house to be environmentally friendly and to be "feminine," to have curves. Her architect had an idea: Buy a junked 747 and cut it apart. Turn the wings into a roof, the nose into a meditation temple. Use the remaining scrap to build six more buildings, including a barn for rare animals. He made a sketch.

Posted: Sunday, 13-06-2010

With an estimated 18,000 people in attendance this weekend, dozens of workshops and seminars and a jam-busting expo show, the American Institute of Architects has filled the Miami Beach Convention Center with talk of the profession's wholehearted embrace of environmental sustainability and the newest energy-saving materials and designs, and... Jeepers, it's cold in here!

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Posted: Tuesday, 08-06-2010

LOS ANGELES (REUTERS) - A pair of magical elves is hoping to do for art what reality TV shows "Top Chef" and "Project Runway" did for cooking and fashion design. "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist", which debuts on cable channel Bravo on Wednesday, June 9, pits 14 very different artists against each other in weekly challenges and awards the winner a $100,000 prize and a solo exhibition.

Posted: Monday, 07-06-2010

Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with. Call it fast food with a conscience or even just food for thought. Now ARTKABINETT's social network of independent collectors can savor regional delicacies and promote political awareness.

Posted: Sunday, 06-06-2010

The ARTKABINETT community of independent collectors is getting ready to enjoy summertime visits to Art Basel and other exhibition venues. All this treking and schlepping can make the savvy collector hungry. Here is some art that is good enough to eat. You may be wondering, as you read this article, “didn’t their mothers ever teach them not to play with their food?”

Posted: Saturday, 05-06-2010

Posted: Friday, 04-06-2010

Bâle est fière de son offre culturelle. Aucune autre ville européenne ne propose une telle densité de musées de niveau international. Sur une superficie de 37 km², Bâle comprend pas moins de 40 musées couvrant une vaste palette de collections principalement dédiées aux arts plastiques.

Collectionneurs par passion

Posted: Thursday, 03-06-2010

Tonight and throughout this weekend and next, our social network of fine art enthusiasts can experience a performance unlike anything they have ever seen before in a museum or gallery. They can witness the tragedy of a Nazi concentration camp unfold via a puppet production on a sound stage. Today, the ARTKABINETT Featured Video offers our independent collector community an overview of this stunning production.

Posted: Wednesday, 02-06-2010

Cherished by fine art collectors, museums, and galleries, artist Louise Bourgeois, whose sculptures exploring women's deepest feelings on birth, sexuality and death were highly influential on younger artists, died Monday, her studio's managing director said. She was 98. Her works are internationally acclaimed and widely exhibited at such art collector gatherings as Art Basel

Posted: Tuesday, 01-06-2010

Today, Independent Collectors and enthusiasts of contemporary art have a June destination closer than ART BASEL; and a new place to call home! The National Museum of XXI Century Arts - MAXXI - opened a press preview in Rome on Thursday with a glamorous ceremony attracting global attention and featuring famous architect Zaha Hadid, designer of the building.

Posted: Monday, 31-05-2010

American film legend and extremely cool guy, Dennis Hopper, passed away at his California home this past Saturday, from complications of prostate cancer. He was 74 years old. 

Known for his portrayal of off-beat, sometimes drug-induced, sometimes deranged characters in such iconic films as "Easy Rider," (which he directed), "Apocalypse Now," "Blue Velvet," and "Speed," among many others,

Posted: Sunday, 30-05-2010

There are many highlights within the ART HK mega-show. This article may help get you through the 155 participating galleries and thousands of art works without losing your way. It would be easy to get lost at this year's huge ART HK fair, not just within the works but navigating your way through them too.

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Posted: Tuesday, 25-05-2010

‘I said to Mr Flapper, the then managing director of the RAI, “I’ll produce a fantastic art exhibition in the RAI; the only thing is, I won’t pay any hire charge!” He replied, “That’s a very impudent proposition, let’s get on and do it!”’ This is how Wim Van Kimpen recounted this seminal conversation in the book published in May 2009 to mark the 25th anniversary of Art Amsterdam.

Posted: Monday, 24-05-2010

Alongside the nuclear controversy, an art scene flourishes. Collectors are taking notice: Prices of Iranian contemporary art have jumped -- and they're likely to keep going up for another five or 10 years. How Westerners are getting in on the action. Much of the world looks at Iran and sees a nuclear threat.