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Posted: Wednesday, 07-09-2016

PARIS.- A Paris court on Tuesday jailed 35 former porters from the prestigious Drouot auction house for stealing precious antiques, jewels and artworks in an insider racket thought to date back decades.

The defendants, who transported and stored objects destined for sale by Drouot, were found guilty of helping themselves to treasures including diamonds and a painting by Marc Chagall.

Posted: Sunday, 04-09-2016

NEW YORK.- On the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the New York museum that honors that dark day in US history is turning to something lighter: art.

Visitors to the National September 11 Memorial Museum's new exhibit "Rendering the Unthinkable" are not being asked to relive the violence through turbulent canvases or painful performances. Rather they are taken on a journey to soothe the pain and reflect on a terror attack that is now part of New York's DNA.

Posted: Thursday, 01-09-2016

LONDON.- The Royal Academy of Arts in partnership with Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation and the Rothschild Foundation will present The Veronica Scanner: Live 3D Portraiture to UK audiences for ten days only in London, from 2 – 11 September 2016, and Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire from 22 – 30 October 2016.

Posted: Wednesday, 31-08-2016

VIENNA.- Even a century after his death, Austria's mutton-chop whiskered emperor Franz Joseph still looms large in the national consciousness -- both as the custodian of imperial glory and the tragic figure responsible for its decline.

For 68 years, the head of the powerful Habsburg dynasty reigned over a multi-ethnic realm with more than 50 million people, making him one of the world's longest-serving leaders.

Posted: Tuesday, 30-08-2016

LOS ANGELES, CA.- The J. Paul Getty Museum announced today its intention to acquire Virgin with Child, St. John the Baptist, and Mary Magdalene (about 1530-40) by Parmigianino (Italian, 1503-1540), one of the most celebrated painters of the Italian Renaissance.

The painting is one of the finest surviving works by the leading Mannerist artist, and has remained in private hands for the past 400 years.

Extremely well-preserved, the work is a supreme example of the artist’s mature Mannerist style and represents sixteenth-century painting at its finest.

Posted: Monday, 29-08-2016

NEW YORK, NY.- Pity the Met Opera’s chandeliers, which have been in and out of commission for years. There was the cleaning in 2008 when the lobby lights were totally dismantled and shipped to Europe, and more recently, a mechanical failure that left the 12 auditorium lights, known as “sputniks” for their space-agey style, stuck in a stationary position for most of last season.

The glitch has been fixed, and the lights will resume their nightly ascent—during which they rise dramatically just before the curtain does—in September.

Posted: Saturday, 27-08-2016

CHICAGO.- A federal judge in Chicago has given his verdict this week on artist Peter Doig’s lengthy trial. The case concerned the authenticity of a painting. Judge Gary Feinerman said that Doig was ‘correct' when he insisted that he didn't paint a landscape, that had been valued at more than $10 million.

Posted: Wednesday, 24-08-2016

BURGOS, SPAIN.- It's one of the world's most mysterious books, a centuries-old manuscript written in an unknown or coded language that no one -- not even the best cryptographers -- has cracked.

Scholars have spent their lives puzzling over the Voynich Manuscript, whose intriguing mix of elegant writing and drawings of strange plants and naked women has some believing it holds magical powers.

The weathered book is locked away in a vault at Yale University's Beinecke Library, emerging only occasionally.

Posted: Tuesday, 23-08-2016

NEW YORK CITY.- In 2014, the Wildensteins thought they’d pulled off the biggest real estate coup in New York.

The billionaire art dealing family, whose gallery, Wildenstein & Co. had owned its 21,000-square-foot townhouse at 19 East 64th Street for more than 80 years, signed a deal with the government of Qatar to sell the limestone-clad building for a reported $90 million.

Posted: Sunday, 21-08-2016

CHICAGO, IL.- Leslie Hindman Auctioneers' September 30 Modern and Contemporary Art auction will offer a Fernand Leger painting titled, Deux femmes tenant des fleurs.

It was painted in 1954 as a completed study to the larger, final work that hangs in the Tate Modern and was painted in the same year.

Posted: Thursday, 18-08-2016

LONDON.- The British Museum is again the focus of an international campaign calling for the return of a sacred object.

Chilean filmmakers have launched a campaign for the world’s second most popular museum to return a mystical Easter Island sculpture on display for the last 100 years.

Hoa Haka Nana'ia AKA "hidden or stolen friend" in the regions' native language was removed by explorers from the remote Chilean island in the Pacific in the 19th century.

Posted: Wednesday, 17-08-2016

WASHINGTON, DC.- The Last Supper (1990), a series of 13 monumental prints by British artist Damien Hirst, was acquired by the National Gallery of Art from the Corcoran Gallery of Art in 2015.

Hirst was among the most prominent of the Young British Artists—or YBAs, as they are known—who revitalized the British art scene in the 1990s.

In The Last Supper, he explores the role of faith, viewing it in relation to art, medicine, and religion.

Posted: Tuesday, 16-08-2016

AUSTIN, TX.- The Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin presents the exhibition “Elliott Erwitt: Home Around the World” from Aug. 15, 2016, to Jan. 1, 2017.

Featuring more than 200 photographs, it is the first exhibition drawn from the extensive Elliott Erwitt Photography Collection, acquired by the Ransom Center in 2015. It is the most comprehensive examination of the internationally renowned photographer’s life and work to date.

Posted: Monday, 15-08-2016

ZURICH.- 'Gardens of the World' is the first attempt ever to present a comprehensive survey of the gardens of the Orient and the Occident in a single exhibition.

Museum Rietberg in Zurich invites visitors to take a stroll through gardens from Japan to England and from Ancient Egypt right up to the present day. Works of art, photos and videos show how people in different cultures and epochs longed for gardens and how they created them.

Posted: Friday, 12-08-2016

MIAMI.- Beginning August 12 through October 16, 2016, Pérez Art Museum Miami will present Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks, an exhibition showcasing Jean-Michel Basquiat’s rarely seen notebooks, filled with poetry fragments, wordplay, sketches and personal observations.

These unique documents offer an intimate look to the artist’s oeuvre, embodying themes of street life, popular culture, world history, race and class. This exhibition features 160 notebook pages, related objects, works on paper and large-scale paintings.

Posted: Thursday, 11-08-2016

CHICAGO.- Artist Peter Doig is famous for somewhat strange landscape paintings that fetch millions of dollars, but he has disowned one particular desert scene.

Is he telling the truth, or trying to hide from an embarrassing past? A US federal judge in Chicago will decide.

Robert Fletcher, a retired Canadian corrections officer who owns the disputed desert landscape painting, is suing Doig for refusing to acknowledge that the painting is one of his works -- which means its value is significantly diminished

Posted: Wednesday, 10-08-2016

LITCHFIELD, CONN.- Litchfield County Auctions’ July 20-21 auction of fine and decorative art and jewelry from the estate of Joan Rivers totaled approximately $350,000, easily exceeding the total pre-sale estimate of $200,000 to $300,000.

Rivers’ fans and admirers who purchased items from the late entertainer’s estate auction relied heavily on Internet bidding.

Posted: Tuesday, 09-08-2016

BOSTON, MASS.- Powerful expressions of faith, hope and love are manifested in brilliant colors that characterize the Della Robbia glazed terracotta sculptures from the Renaissance, explored in an exhibition organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Posted: Monday, 08-08-2016

WASHINGTON, DC.- To mark the 47th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon-landing mission, the Smithsonian has made available a high-resolution 3-D scan of the command module “Columbia,” the spacecraft that carried astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins to the moon.

This highly detailed model, available at allows anyone with an internet connection to explore the entire craft including its intricate interior, which is not possible when viewing the artifact in the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

Posted: Friday, 05-08-2016

NEW YORK, NY.- Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, announced today that the Museum welcomed a record number of visitors—6.7 million—during the fiscal year that ended on June 30 (FY16).

This is the highest number of visitors since The Met began tracking admission statistics more than 40 years ago. The total includes attendance at all three of the Museum's locations—The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Cloisters, and the new Met Breuer, which was launched in March to present modern and contemporary art-themed programming.

Posted: Thursday, 04-08-2016

NEW YORK, NY.- Sotheby’s will present the Roy and Marilyn Papp Collection – one of the finest private collections of Chinese Paintings remaining in the United States – in the first evening sale of Chinese Paintings ever held in New York.

Renowned for its breadth of schools, styles and formats, as well as its tremendous quality across all works, the 122-lot auction offers paintings with established provenance and significant exhibition history that have been off the market for decades. The sale on 14 September 2016 is expected to realize $10/15 million.

Posted: Tuesday, 02-08-2016

CHICAGO, IL.- First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago on Friday, July 29, to tour the popular exhibition of work by acclaimed artist Kerry James Marshall.

Posted: Monday, 01-08-2016

NEW YORK, NY.- Sotheby’s announced The Triumph of Painting: The Steven and Ann Ames Collection, the landmark sale of the New York autumn 2016 auction season.

The collection, which stands as a peerless survey of art produced in this generation, was assembled by Steven and Ann Ames, New York patrons of the arts, philanthropists and collectors.

Posted: Sunday, 31-07-2016

CLEVELAND, OH.- Art and Stories from Mughal India presents the story of the Mughals— and stories for the Mughals—in 100 exquisite paintings from the 1500s to 1800s.

The exhibition and accompanying Mughal painting collection catalogue celebrate the Cleveland Museum of Art’s centennial with works drawn from the 2013 landmark acquisition of the Catherine Glynn Benkaim and Ralph Benkaim Collection of Deccan and Mughal paintings, many exhibited and published for the first time.

Posted: Friday, 29-07-2016

NEW YORK, NY.- The Sphere Plaza Fountain, a large metallic sculpture created in 1971 for the World Trade Centre, by German sculptor Fritz Koenig is to be returned to Liberty Park, a new elevated garden at the new World Trade Center in New York. The public space was opened last month by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

The sculpture which survived the destruction of the World Trade Center towers in Manhattan on 9/11 2001 is a symbol of rebirth for many New Yorkers.

Posted: Thursday, 28-07-2016

NEW YORK, NY.- Wright’s record breaking auction on Tuesday totaled $4,105,873, over four times the original estimate.

Buyer's participated from all over the world to buy every single lot in the 650 lot sale.

Thousands of bidders participated in the auction, which began at 10 am and ended after midnight.

Posted: Wednesday, 27-07-2016

TEL AVIV.- Tucking the violin beneath his chin, the instrument's wood glistening under the packed auditorium's spotlights, Guy Braunstein's hand trembled from the weight of history.

"I have done thousands of concerts, but I have never been as emotional and trembled the way I did when I took that violin from Auschwitz in my hand," Braunstein said backstage after the event.

The soloist along with a group of Jerusalem chamber orchestra musicians performed in Tel Aviv as part of a project that collects and restores violins from the Holocaust.

Posted: Tuesday, 26-07-2016

LONDON.- A painting by the 20th century master Lucian Freud valued at £300,000 has been authenticated by the BBC. The painting was the subject of an episode of the program 'Fake Or Fortune’. The portrait is an early example of the artist’s work created in 1939.

Experts at Christie's auction house identified it as a painting by Freud in 1985, however the artist who was still alive at the time denied it was his and to complicate matters further said he started the painting and abandoned it, therefore it must have been completed by another artist.

Posted: Sunday, 24-07-2016

MILAN.- The Polyptych of St. John the Baptist returns home after a year being restored, and the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum celebrates it with a compact exhibit, curated by Chiara Paratico, who has analyzed this work, as intense as it remains mysterious.

Realized in 1493 by Giovanni Marinoni together with his sons Bernardino and Antonio, the polyptych is the only signed and dated piece coming from their workshop that still exists.

Posted: Saturday, 23-07-2016

LONDON.- They may look garish for some, but Queen Elizabeth II's brightly colored outfits are a power dressing tool that allow her to make an impression, according to a new exhibition opening on Saturday.

Exhibits at the Buckingham Palace show range from her christening gown to the eye-catching bright green wool-crepe and silk dress she wore at one of her 90th birthday celebrations earlier this year.