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ArtKabinett features pictures from art events from around the world:

Hot Time at Frieze

Am early May weekend in New York offered the ideal opportunity for land-locked collectors to board a water taxi, and head over to Randall's Island to visit the Manhattan incarnation of this famous London art fair. Hundreds of galleries offered contemporary works displayed in a huge white serpentine tent. Champagne kiosks and macaroon stands helped to energize weary visitors. A surprise thunderstorm brought white caps on the East River, making our boat ride home a sea-faring adventure!

Collectors Mob Armory Show

Collectors mobbed New York's west-side piers for the centennial edition of the famed Armory Show. Our social network elbowed, jammed, stormed, and hob-nobbed with art aficionados from all over the world.

Ten other satellite fairs, two major art auctions, gallery openings, and cocktail receptions all vie for our attention.

The primo invite would, of course, be a visit to Roman Abramovich's mega yacht docked in the harbor out back.

Art Basel Dazzle

Art Basel Miami is always a grand event, but this year's fair jumped even more with numerous satellite fairs. Over 1500 galleries -- not to mention thousands of collectors and millions of dollars -- thronged the city to celebrate the most important art show in the world.

Our collectors agreed that good artworks were costly, as uncertain stock markets, slumping real estate, and global uncertainty make fine art collecting another variety of asset diversification, thus driving up prices.

You may not be able to find an affordable Miro or Picasso. But the parties are free, and champagne is still cheap!

French Fun at FIAC

Unseasonably warm weather allowed our art collector members to stroll Paris visiting the 39th edition of this international fair of contemporary works.

A continued economic crisis in Europe, and election jitters in the U.S., enabled steep negotiations on coveted paintings, photography, and sculptures. Savvy collectors were seen departing the Grand palais and satellite fairs with large and securely wrapped boxes. We assume that they were filled with more than macaroons and chocolates.

London Heats Up for Frieze

Regent's Park turns into a gigantic gallery space as Frieze art fair celebrates 13th year. Important works by Warhol, Richter, and others; along with stunning conceptual installations by young emerging artists are attracting art collectors from around the globe.

Keep your Eurailpass handy as visitors make way for the "Chunnel" to head for next week's FIAC events in Paris. These two weeks are surely an Anglo-Franco art extravaganza.

Big Art Basel Bash

Art lovers came by air, car, land, and sea -- well actually, G5, chauffeured limo, TGV, and yacht -- to visit the world's most prestigious art fair. Founded in 1970, the event has grown to Include hundreds of important galleries and satellite events all taking place June 12-17, 2012 in this otherwise sleepy Swiss town.

Financial markets may be sickly, but well-heeled aficianado have no trouble coughing up big money for blue chip artworks. Luckily, our social network of savvy collectors enjoys a healthy appetite for all the fun!

Hot Frieze in the City

Indpendent collectors went by ferry to visit the first American installment of Frieze Fair. Hundreds of international galleries offered beautiful displays in a magical tent on an island in New York's East River. An art retreat in the middle of a metropolis.

Aside from the cutting edge art, the exhibition space designed by Brooklyn architects, SO-IL, stole the show.

Collectors Enjoy Armory Show 2012

Collector members of ArtKabinett network descended upon New York City for this important annual art fair. Two huge westside piers, 92 and 94, host large exhbitions of modernism and contemporary respectively.

As with any sojourn in "The Big Apple", there is always too much to do, see, and hear. Private collections, VIP tours, gallery openings, museum shows, and cocktail parties are not for the faint of heart or sore of foot. A weekend of all this sensory overload is gladly welcomed by a return to normal work.

Battling Busy Basel

Collector members from all over the world descended on Miami Beach for the 10th annual Art Basel Miami, and all the satellite events. In 5 days, we visited 10 art fairs; attended 20 parties; saw 100's of celebrities; and interacted with 1000's of collectors. The activities are truly geometric in scale. Here are some photos of all the exhausting fun. Hopefully, we can sleep on the plane ride home or at work next week!

Collectors Flock to FIAC

Paris in October is a magical time to explore art, architecture, fine dining, and wonderful exhibits. Our collector network visits the "city of lights" to explore all the happenings. From truffled omelets to private gallery openings, savvy members have converged from around the world to enjoy some serious "bonheur".