How many pixels can the human eye see ?

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How many pixels can the human eye see ?

With the intorduction of Google's "Street View" digital camera technology, fine art enthusaists now have the opportunity to view several famous museum works with 7 billion pixel technology.

"Pixel" is short for picture element. Basically it is a dot on the computer screen. The dots are arranged in rows and columns and are so close together they appear to be connected.

The dot can be a shade of gray or a color. A typical 800 x 600 image has 480,000 pixels.

The more dots that make up an image the better the resolution. A megapixel is simply one million pixels.

Looking at these high-pixel artworks online, is kind of like standing nose to nose with Marie Antoinette et ses enfants which hangs at Versailles and was painted by Madame Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun (1755-1842).

Now that we can see Maire's craquelured 200 year-old corneas, I asked an opthalmalogist about the actual pixel resolution of the unaided normal human eye ?

We can differentiate four lines that are drawn within 1-milimeter-length. That means we can see objects of 1/4 mm which is 250 micrometer. However below 200 micrometer, it is hard to distinguish one object from another. Thus, the resolution of human eye is considered as 200 micrometer. Does a 7-billion pixel image mean anything at all to the brain ?

Take a guess of human pixelation; and blog below your estimate...


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