I have another idea. In 16, it showed conquest, but also your record out of online and cpu

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I have another idea. In 16, it showed conquest, but also your record out of online and cpu

I have another idea. In 16, it showed conquest, but also your record out of online and cpu. To revealing your seasons record then in the future years, they proceeded on. Can't they show seasons stats to your players? I really do not enjoy seeing johnny bench hitting .600 with 30 homers out of cpu when I don't understand how he can in rated seasons. From quitting out in cpu gameplay, some of my pitchers are and so I know who to play, I would like to view their record that is actual with. I don't know how other people believe, this is only my view.

And they will need to eliminate immortals and over 100 attributes. Who is with me.Solo challenges. Freaking packs. Basically copy and paste madden SDS. Like SDS cares as much I don't feel. We've been asking for so much for so long and they let. Perhaps a homerun derby style in diamond dynasty? More card art? We've been looking at exactly the same cards for years. Packs that are like u and 75k automatically receive a diamond. They will need to really listen to us and reset the entire match and fix it.

I believe that it will be kool if to your create a stadium part of the game so that you can purchase things to make your stadium better and bigger, they created it so those who work hard to make them or purchase stubs would have massive home stadiums. Add the feature to let's see if we are facing a righty or a lefty back. It's not realistic with no. Back in anagers correct their lineups all of the time based on matchups therefore it should definitely be in the game.The whole Immortal system needs to be re-thinked. I dun if the solution is no Immortals or less Immortals or release of Immortals. . .this goes along with what you mentioned about benefits for things being balanced. I dont understand the answer tho.

I remember last year everybody whining about needing to complete the stats of Griffey online. . .so this season, the immortal's stats simply have to get done offline. I get SDS' concept of the immortals and the way you get them....that being said, if they are to remain in the game next year, SDS should switch up how and when you unlock them. The fact that you could have the finest possible MLB The Show 19 staff in August and you know all future published cards won't compare, so it gives you no reason or drive to keep playing with the game.

More in:https://www.mmogo.com/Mlb19/Stubs.html

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