Warrior has always been my favorite course in WoW Classic

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Warrior has always been my favorite course in WoW Classic

Warrior has always been my favorite course in WoW Classic as far as I recall, the titan's grip passive for Fury warriors was introduced in Wotlk. So I am somewhat afraid that Fury warriors will be bad with having the ability to wield one handed firearms and generic. That is how a Fury warrior stood out to me at least. Since if I get to wield is one handed weapons, I would get confused for a rogue or something honestly in the levels. I do hope that whatever affects blizz are making, they introduce the quality of life changes that they have worked through the multiple expansions and receive all the classes right and make them feel the very best they've felt in a certain expansion. It will be cool to have the option to change from WoW Classic models the more modern ones out of WoD.

I think some people might appreciate that. It surely would not ruin the immersion for me personally, though I will definitely have trouble deciding which versions to use myself.As your usual stuff, this movie est great with great content. But I am wondering if you'r directly about the results. For exemple about the black lotus: I raided AQ and Naxx in vanilla (a whole lot, 6 days per week for months) and quite frequently used flasks. I believe another difference between servers that are private and classic is the population. There will be a whole lot less people on servers and also a great deal less raiders who min/max everything. Thus a lot less competition for these things.

I can't wait for Classic. After TBC launched, I came into playing WoW Classic 4 weeks. I understand some stuff probably changed . Remember hunters used to utilize Intellect? I remember when someone said, int buff out and please I'd come with Arcane Intellect and might have to add it on, individually to each raid or party member. Dampen Amplify and magic magic, which ceased spells from enemies damaging your toon, and the amplify had to be used. The first WoW Classic felt being a part of a team and actually connecting. I would say since towards the end of WOTLK and to cata, that dynamic changed. My perspective on it.
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