"Doctors thought men were more likely to get cancer in the past


Garlic, dill and lemon detailResearchers at Cornell University screened 1,000 people who were 60 and older, 459 women and 541 men. Of 29 who had lung cancer, 19 were women and 10 were men. Overall, the risk of lung cancer was 2.3 times higher for women. "It's difficult to detect lung cancer in the early stages," says cancer specialist Dr. Ruth Dratz of NYU medical center. Lung cancer therapies are not as developed as those for breast cancer, she adds. "Lung cancer is not the most common cancer in women, breast cancer is more common, but more women die of lung cancer each year." More research involving a larger group of people will need to be done, to determine the exact factors that cause women to develop the disease, she says. It could be that women smoke harder or are less likely than men to be checked for 전주출장안마 lung cancer by their doctors, researchers say. The study's lead researcher, Dr. Claudia Henschke of Cornell University, said a few recent studies also suggested women smokers run a higher risk of lung cancer than men. But she said more work is needed to determine the reasons. "It may turn out that women somehow smoke more of the cigarette than men do," she said. Dr. Lewis Smith, a professor at Northwestern University and specialist in pulmonary and critical care medicine, said it could be that women are smoking more. He also said there is a question of whether women receive the same quality of medical care as men. "Doctors thought men were more likely to get cancer in the past. They might be screening them more frequently than women," he said. The findings were to be presented Tuesday in Chicago at a conference of the American College of Chest Physicians.


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