"The Amazing Race": A hairy decision in India


(CBS News) Would you shave your head for a chance at $1 million? That was the Fast Forward challenge on Sunday night's installment of "The Amazing Race" - lose your locks and go straight to the finish line, or decline and take your chances on the rest of that leg of the race. One team decided not to shave their heads, and another duo took the plunge - but it didn't work out in their favor (SPOILERS). Pictures: "The Amazing Race" Team Kentucky, who came in last place in the previous, non-elimination episode, were behind from the very beginning. They left the start point almost three hours after the other four teams, and had to perform a Speed Bump - painting a tiger's face on the belly of a traditional Indian dancer - before they could even start the rest of the leg. Team Big Brother decided to give the Fast Forward a try - because the card only revealed that they'd have to find two priests at a temple. When they arrived and found out what the challenge actually was, Rachel (surprise, surprise) broke down in tears, whining that she didn't want to shave her head. "I paid $500 for extensions," she cried. "It would be so sad. I've spent years and years trying to get my hair to look good." (The episode was titled "I Need Hair to be Pretty.") The ever-patient Brendon told her they would just move on and continue the rest of the leg, though it was clear he wanted her to go bald. A million dollars could buy plenty more hair extensions. For the Roadblock, Dave, Ralph, Art and Brendon volunteered to spin 40 feet of rope from coconut husks and then wrap it around a large spool. It looked to be a difficult job - spinning the rope required a steady hand, and the crank for the spool left them bloody and bruised. Divorcee Ralph finished the Roadblock first, but as they made their exit, Vanessa tripped and fell. A commercial break and dramatic music made it seem worse than it was, though. A skinned shoulder and twisted ankle weren't going to stop her. Meanwhile, Team Kentucky finished the Speed Bump and gleefully took on the head-shaving Fast Forward (Mark's head was already bald, but Bopper was all for it), but even with that boost they were still so far behind. The other teams were already tacking the Detour, which was a choice between Pachyderm (dressing an elephant in ceremonial garb and then shoveling 15 wheelbarrows full of manure to a nearby truck) or Pack a Box (heading to a spice processing plant, filling 10 boxes with dried ginger, paint a stenciled label on the boxes and deceiver them to a shipping center). Border Patrol agents Art and J.J. were the only ones who opted to pack ginger, and it was immediately clear it was the wrong choice. Not even halfway through the challenge, they were miserable, bickering and 충주출장마사지 vowing never to put ginger on their sushi again. Everyone else appeared to have fun dressing up the elephants, and even shoveling the manure didn't seem too strenuous. Team Army was the first to finish, and were the first ones to arrive at the ferry that would take them to the Pit Stop. Fearful that all the teams would end up on the same boat and that there would be a mad dash for the mat, Dave decided to bribe the ferry man to have the boat take off early. The head start meant they got their sixth first-place finish, winning $10,000 each and making them one win away from tying the "Amazing Race" record. Ralph and Vanessa and Dave and Rachel arrived at the mat at the same time, and Vanessa could not hide the smile on her face as she told Phil she didn't think the Big Brother duo correctly finished the Detour. Host Phil Keoghan didn't confirm or deny Vanessa's accusation, but she and Rachel did end up making nice on the Pit Stop mat after Vanessa apologized for making fun in previous  episodes of Rachel's nose and butt. Who would take the final spot in next week's finale was hard to gauge thanks to tricky "Amazing Race" editing, but it turned out to be Art and J.J. who made it to the Pit Stop first. And after being spared on two non-elimination legs, Bopper and Mark were sent home. With this season's most beloved team out of the Race, do people really care who wins? Should Rachel have shaved her head at the Fast Forward? Share your thoughts in the comments, vote in the poll for who will win and return next week for a recap of the two-hour season finale.


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